30 November 2023
More than 100 handguns were stolen from a store in southwestern Michigan after the manager was held at gunpoint outside his home and forced to reveal how to turn off the alarm, authorities said Tuesday
Possible Double Shooting: DPD responding to a local hospital on reports of 2 people, 1 male and 1 female privately conveyed with gunshot wounds. Scene appears to be in the 2800 block of Ewald Cr
After taking multiple agencie on a tour of the east side, a carjacking suspect from St Clair Shores in a Kia Soul was taken into custody at Rossiter and Moross a few moments ago by Warren PD. SCS, DPD, Warren, GPD, EPPD and a person driving a 79 Pinto
18 people detained amid human trafficking investigation in Detroit
Shooting: DPD's 11th Precinct working on a shooting on Russell, no numbers given yet, victim privately conveyed, scene isn't clear yet
Disturbance: DPD's 9th Precinct responding to St John Hospital due to a large hostile crowd, scout called out a priority, family 'acting the fool' according to dispatch audio, weapons are involved. Multiple officers responding.
Double Shooting/Possible Triple: DPD's 9th Precinct investigating what appears to be a double shooting, possible triple shooting in the 15800 block of Fairmount x Redmond.
DOS: DPD's 2nd Precinct investigating the death of a 10yo child in the 14600 block of Coyle x Lyndon.
Felony Assault: DPD's 8th Precinct responding to Harlow & McNichols on reports of a female severely burned by hot grease and bleach following an assault. DFD's Squad 1 (MFR) and DEMS Medic 4 also responding.
Shots Fired: DPD's 7th Precinct to the area of Pennsylvania & Shoemaker on reports of multiple shots being fired, large party in area. MSP's Trooper 3 is also responding.
Possible Shooting: DPD's 9th Precinct to E State Fair and Regent on reports of a 47yo female shot, bleeding from face. DFD's Engine 60 (MFR) and DEMS Medic 15 also responding.This may just be an assault and not a shooting. DEMS Medic 15 has picked up Engine 60
Dwelling Fire: Detroit Fire at Rosa Parks and Glendale for a working dwelling fire, going throughout, defensive posture. Engine 40 is stretched. Battalion Chief's 5/8
Shooting: DPD to Winthrop & Keeler on reports of a 21yo male with a gunshot wound. DEMS Medic 4, DFD's Engine 54 (MFR) also responding. Engine 54, DEMS Medic 4 approaching scene, secured by DPD Scouts.
Dwelling Fire: Detroit Fire at Pilgrim and Virgil with a working dwelling fire. Engine 54 is stretched on a burning dwelling. Battalion Chief 4 will have incident command
Amtrak train crashes into truck and derails - injuring 10 passengers and canceling multiple routes.1 week ago
Amtrak train crashes into truck and derails - injuring 10 passengers and canceling multiple routes.
DPD 10th Precinct Scout calls out a priority asking for more units ASAP to 8406 Linwood, fighting with suspect on scene. Scene is now secure, 1 in custody.
Shooting: DPD's 8th Precinct, DFD's Engine 53, DEMS Medic 3/Supervisor 1105 to Greenfield & Grove for a shooting.
Stabbing/Cutting: DPD's 6th Precinct, DFD's Engine 55 (MFR), Medic 48 to Asbury Park & Plymouth for a stabbing/cutting. Shots are also being fired in the area.
Stabbing: DPD at Stahelin and Eaton with a stabbing. DEMS Medic 17 also responding. Scouts are asking EMS to step it up
Possible Shooting: DPD's 5th Precinct, DFD's Engine 52 (MFR), Medic 62 to Mack and Beaconsfield on reports of a shooting. 911 callers report shots fired into a vehicle
Stabbing: DPD's 8th Precinct, DFD's Engine 54 & EMS to Lamphere and W McNichols on reports of a male stabbed.
Dwelling Fire: Detroit Fire at Canton & E Forest with a working occupied dwelling fire. Engine 41 is stretched on a burning dwelling. Battalion Chief's 1/6.
Officer Involved Shooting: Warren PD had an OIS on the WB 94 & Woodward, shots were fired following a chase of a FA/PO suspect who struck a patrol unit according to dispatch audio. Suspect down, WPD officers ok.
A woman died Wednesday after a crash in Holland Township, deputies say
Shooting: DPD's 5th Precinct in the 3500 block of Dickerson with a large armed crowd and a female shot. DFD's Engine 32 and; DEMS Medic 23 also responding. Multiple units are requested to the scene. DPD's 9th Precinct also responding.
2 week ago
The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly motorcycle crash in Oxford Township that left a 58-year-old man dead
Gunshot fired, man pistol-whipped at 4 Mile Show Place event
Authorities say a motorcyclist was killed in a head-on crash in Muskegon Sunday night
Another Stabbing: DPD's 6th Precinct, DFD's Engine 55 (MFR), EMS to St Marys and Ellis. 911 caller reported a female stabbed him.
A man was killed in an early Sunday morning shooting in Grand Rapids